About DMI

About us

What makes DMI different?

Since 2002, the Disability Management Institute (DMI) has been working with employees and employers nationwide to provide comprehensive end-to-end solutions for their absence & disability management needs.

Comprehensive solutions

Our holistic services and solutions go beyond diagnosis and medical management. We offer our clients a wide range of solutions from comprehensive absence and disability claims management, to rehab field visits and complementary specialized services, coaching and training, Workers Compensation Board (WCB) claims review, advice to pay services, disability plan file audits, claims coaching, and more.

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Expert support

The DMI teams’ bench strength and expertise in mental health and complex cases offers employees support and options in navigating challenges such as healthcare shortages and access to timely treatments. We leverage our extensive network of trusted treatment providers and tap into the vast knowledge and skills our internal team to ensure access to the best resources for optimal outcomes.

Customized delivery

We pride ourselves on being a one-stop-shop that consistently exceeds our customers expectations. We understand the importance of considering each individual’s unique circumstances, allowing us to tailor our approach to meet the needs of each stakeholder. Depending on the need, we can offer expertise in coordinating services as well as providing ongoing support and guidance throughout the life of the absence process.


Our proactive approach achieves optimum and timely results for work-related and non work-related disability management. The combination of our expert support and customized delivery can ultimately speed up the recovery and return-to-work process. Let our team focus on bridging gaps and removing barriers that can prevent successful return-to-work outcomes and enhance the overall claims management experience.

Our team

Our diverse staff provide a multi-faceted approach to disability absences

Led by an experienced management team, our 150+ staff members have experience in various related fields, including disability management, STD and LTD claims adjudication, WSIB/WCB claims, life and living claims adjudication, health and safety, psychology, return to work planning, kinesiology, physical therapy, ergonomics, occupational therapy and health nursing, human resources, and private investigation.

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Kim Zinck


Heather Walker headshot

Heather Walker

Director, Claims

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Lisa Kallay

Director, Claims Support Services

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Melanie Williams

Director, Operations

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Lisa Paterson

Director, Pre-claim Intervention

Our history

Banyan & DMI

In 2019, Banyan Work Health Solutions merged with Disability Management Institute (DMI). The full range of services previously offered by Banyan including rehab and speciality services, and coaching and training are offered by the DMI team.

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Our employees have a lot to say about working here

The perks of working from home, leaving me with more personal and family time are absolutely priceless. The fact that the company trusts us to do our jobs professionally and efficiently while working from our home office is just one of the reasons why I love working for DMI. With the flexibility of going to the office to meet with colleagues and still feel like you’re one of the moving parts of a team is very appealing. The Happy Friday’s add to overall wellness and the benefit plan is just second to none! The company invests so much in the health and wellness of their employees including all of the great online training videos, and that spoke immensely to my values and ethics, making DMI a great choice when I was looking for work.

A friend referred me to this role and I am so glad to be a part of this company. I have learned so much about what DMI does and how they help other companies save money with their WCB claims and get their employees to return to work. I like that I can grow into other roles as this company supports career development. My overall contentment is 10 out of 10!

Business Development Coordinator, DMI

I truly appreciate DMI for the ability to work remotely. Without the distractions of a traditional office environment, remote work allows me to better balance my workday and personal life. As well, the quiet confidential environment of my home space enables me to conduct sensitive telephone discussions with our clients. The balance between quiet work time and video call meetings, still reflects the structure of a traditional workday.

I was very fortunate to find this positions within DMI, as it was an extension of my previous work history for the past 16-years in the field of claim adjudication. I enjoy the interactions with our clients. Every case is unique, as well as the learning opportunities between the teams and senior leadership is very fulfilling. The supportive nature of the management team brings out the best in all of us, and is inspiring. I feel very fortunate to be part of this company. Also, the employee benefit package is very competitive and a great comfort to have while raising a your family. Thanks DMI!!

Life & Living Adjudicator, DMI

DMI promotes a positive and inclusive work environment that includes a number of flexible work options that allow good worklife balance. Their investment in employee wellness and training make them a leader in the industry.

I have worked in the disability management field for over 34 years as I have a strong passion for helping both employees and employers navigate the insurance industry with a focus on achieving the best possible outcomes for all.

Manager, DMI

I work at DMI because we are a forward thinking company that is innovative and client focused. DMI offers remote work which allows me the work/life balance I am looking for. I believe DMI cares about their employees and offers opportunity for professional growth and movement around the company. I have been able to buy items for my daughter with the Wellness Benefit that I use everyday!

I enjoy the collaboration my position offers. Although we do not work in the same physical environment, my role offers the opportunity to meet and share ideas and knowledge and focus on a shared goal.

Senior Case Manager, DMI
I have always been passionate about the health industry and my role allows me to continue to pursue my interest in the different aspects of the health spectrum. My role is rewarding in a way that I get to help people by understanding their condition and relieving some of the challenges they are facing during a challenging time, such as inability to access treatment due to lack of information, or financial stress.
STD Case Manager, DMI

I enjoy collaborating with co-workers to improve, streamline our processes and be innovative as a competitor in the insurance world which in the end provides the customer service we want to excel at. I enjoy supporting new hires & current employees with their learning & understanding. I picked this field of work to bring my previous knowledge and skills together in one place and for the constant variety of information we get to review, learn day to day. I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly I achieved leadership positions I wasn’t even looking for at the time they were offered and that the DMI Leaders had the confidence in me to fulfill Senior roles. The support has been tremendous and I couldn’t be more appreciative.

Trainer, DMI

The people, leadership style, happy Fridays, employees are encouraged to continuously learn. We have a job to do every day but I feel that the leadership truly care about the people and that is what separates DMI from other companies and makes people want to stay here.

I love to help the staff meet their goals and support them in their every day work. I like the opportunity to creatively solve problems and help others.

Supervisor, DMI

Although the perks of the flexible work arrangement (remote), happy Fridays and an fairly comprehensive benefit plan…it really boils down to the people. I feel strongly DMI has a very dynamic leadership team (Directors, Managers, Supervisors) who share an invested interest in doing our best work possible. Beyond the leadership team, our employees (from my experience) show compassion, resilience and dedication. I’m confident we do well as an organization to bring in the right people for the right roles. DMI also does a great job in helping employees career map and provide options for both personal and professional growth.

It has been opportunity for me. When we joined DMI (previously Banyan) I feel it opened a lot of doors for professional growth. It did not disappoint. I was able to help grow and diversify the Employer Services team, doubled the size of the team and significant client based growth/volume. Along the way, we I identified a need for more of a client experience roll where we can have a greater impact on the overall client journey. This was rec’d with optimism (upper management) and now I am in a position where I have another opportunity to build and grow something new to DMI. Again, it really boils down to the people, building relationships (internally/externally) and being trusted to do something that contributes to the organization as a whole.

Manager, DMI

Management is respectful and actually cares about the wellbeing and satisfaction of the employees and understand errors occur and is supportive rather than punitive.

Customer service; I enjoy helping people by paying benefits and referring/paying for rehab services so they can RTW “back on their feet” to their normal lives and receive their full source of income again, to being productive members of society. I also love receiving gratitude and kudos from the employees :)

LTD Case Manager, DMI

My role is never the same two days in a row. I also work with an amazing group of people who are supportive, endlessly patient and fun. I’ve worked in several organizations in my career, and feel myself enormously lucky to have found this company.

I like that no one loses sight of the client at the end of the financial chain. There’s a financial purpose to what we do, but only because we strive to keep our customers happy and engaged.

LTD Case Manager, DMI

DMI as an employer is adaptive and flexible. I like the fact that we seek to grow and innovate and employees are asked for their input and are heard. My incredible team and co-workers is also a very big motivation.

The “knowing” that in some way I have helped, improved, or provided a shred of relief at a very difficult time in an individual’s life is what I find rewarding as a LTD Case Manager and that is what keeps me engaged.

LTD Case Manager, DMI

DMI fully embraces the “Employees come first mentality” in all they do. As an employee, you are fully supported by your Leaders, and offered many benefits, including every second Friday off, educational opportunities, great health and dental benefits, virtual stretching and meditation, among other things. DMI believes in me as an Employee and makes me want to do my best everyday!

DMI has a collaborative approach to work, and this is very rewarding for me as a individual. I love being part of a team whose main goal is to support and encourage others in their wellness journey. DMI offers a more innovative and flexible approach to handle your work, and encourages everyone to be a part of the process development.

Manager, DMI

I spend my work time with DMI as it is the most amazing Employer to work for. They continue to provide a positive work environment, they go above and beyond for ensuring exceptional customer service to both Employers and Employees. DMi does have amazing perks as Happy Fridays, recognition for a job well done ( WOW program), DI&B initiatives just to name a few. DMI’s Leadership team is second to none. I’ve never worked for a company with such positive people in the senior roles that inspire the Employees to strive and work to their full potential.

I currently work as a Long Duration Claims Co-ordinator in which I assist and manage claims that are typically beyond 2 years. I enjoy being able to talk to Employees that are going through a difficult life event and hoping to put a smile on their face through our conversations as well as building a rapport with them so they know I will be there for them with any questions. I’ve always been a person who wanted to help people and I feel with this role I’m able to do just that.

Long Duration Claims Coordinator, DMI

2 key factors that set DMI apart from other larger companies is WFH/Flexible options and the ability to develop and/or grow your career within the company in a path that suits your goals.

Some past company’s I have worked at focused on development and applying for opportunities to grow in other areas however, when it came down to it most times this got put on hold as they could not necessarily afford to lose someone in the depratment. At DMI, I have felt I am able to truly develop my career, not only in my own department but the ability to branch out into other areas of the group of companies or line of business. I have found several conversations with my supervisor about where I want to grow, develop and pivot my career goals to be very positive and supportive. That is important to me.

Secondly, the ability to work from home was important to me to be able to reduce commuting time and to provide a better work/life balance. In the past I had to commute to Toronto 5 days a week at 3hrs a day roundtrip and that was not very feasible long term nor did it allow for work life balance!

I would say hands down – the people I work with, and everyone in general I have interacted with in the company have been amazing. Super welcoming and supportive along the way. There is a sense of community that sometimes you don’t necessarily see in bigger companies. Also, with most of us being remote we continue to find ways to communicate with one another to stay in touch and engaged.

As for my role, the job is definitely a difficult role however I feel great satisfaction being able to support clients through their health event, recovery and back to work – although this may not always happen in this fashion, once someone returns to work after medical leave it’s a really good feeling that we were able to assist them at perhaps one of the darkness times in their life to return back to health and work.

LTD Case Manager, DMI

Since starting to work at DMI I feel very supported by my Supervisor and team and feel like I matter as a person and not just as a body to fill the position. My team is very supportive and goes out of the way to help each other. The flexible work schedules and Happy Fridays are a game changer. I have such a better work/life balance than I have had at any other job I have had in the past.

I love that my job is never the same from one day to the next. Helping people in real time makes for a very challenging and ever changing job, which keeps it from ever becoming boring. And as a bonus, I get to help people at times in their lives when they need it the most.

LTD Case Manager, DMI

I love DMI because I have never felt so supported in a job, especially when working remotely. I also love the added bonus of Happy Fridays!

In this job, no two days are the same, and I love that I feel like I am constantly learning ways to improve and help to better support our customers. I also love the collaboration among my team, helping to support each other in the role we do, to do better as a team as well as individually.

LTD Case Manager, DMI

It’s been just over 14 years with DMI and I couldn’t think of a better place to be. I love the fact that we have such a tight team who are all so supportive. Happy Fridays are the best, and they give me the opportunity to have a long weekend every other week. What can I say about the benefits, Group Health smashes it. I defy anyone who looks into the perks of working for another company to do better. The employees here really are the best, I’ve made lifelong friends over the years, you have to love what you do and I love what I do. It’s a great feeling to make a difference in the lives of so many people.

It really is the people that I work with that make my job so rewarding, I had a background in the medical field and this was just the right fit for me. I’ve learned so much over the years and my life has been enriched by the care and concern that the company has for all of it’s employees.

Early Intervention Coordinator, DMI

The employees all have such an amazing attitudes and personalities. Making friends in a remote environment is normally a difficult feat. However, the staff hired for DMI all have more than just a high quality of skills they fit in with the team due to great personalities.

Having the opportunity to work with such a diverse client base, work with amazing staff, and working remote has been an incredibly enjoyable experience.

Senior Case Manager, DMI

My co-workers and leaders who are all amazing to work with. For me, this feeds into the collaborative culture of the company. Everyone I work with are kind, understanding, supportive and helpful. Being listened to and getting involved in process changes. Receiving regular feedback and recognition.

Similar to the above question, the people I work with keep me engaged through creating a positive, collaborative, productive and happy work environment. This field of work always provides learning opportunities, growth and experience due to the diversity of the work. Providing help and support through a person’s recovery from health events is rewarding too. No day is ever the same and that is what I like the most about the role.

Supervisor, DMI

DMI is the ideal environment for me to develop my skills and gain experience in the industry that I am passionate about. I appreciate their company values and vision for the future. Additionally, DMI offers a positive atmosphere, flexibility, and a sustainable work-life balance.

LTD Case Manager, DMI