When health events happen, we restore employees & keep businesses working.

In 2022, we relieved our WCB clients across Canada of over $7.7 Million in claim costs through Relief of Cost decisions and appeals.

For over 20 years, the Disability Management Institute (DMI) has been working with employees and employers nationwide to provide innovative, end-to-end solutions for their absence and disability management needs.

Proven leaders in our industry, our comprehensive services combined with our team’s bench strength allows us to create partnerships that find solutions to benefit all stakeholders. Read more about us.


What we do

DMI customizes our services to meet your needs and business goals.

We provide businesses and employees innovative solutions and personalized support through the entire absences process. Find out more about who we help.

Early Intervention

Advice to Pay

WCB claims

Relief of Cost

Claims services

Rehab services

Additional services

Specialized services such as stay at work programs, training programs & workshops, workplace assessment, and quality reviews.

Since 2002, the Disability Management Institute has been providing comprehensive, customized, flexible & cost-effective solutions to clients throughout Canada.

Helping our clients to proactively manage their employee absences & disability claims with a single point of contact.


Our clients

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