AuditPro is an advanced audit tool software designed to improve the speed and accuracy of any auditing process. AuditPro provides profound insight into trending and analysis through instantaneous customizable reporting.

This robust platform highlights key strengths and opportunities allowing you to develop critical recommendations to manage risk and improve performance and outcomes within any process or organization.

How AuditPro can Benefit Your Audit Process

DMI’s proprietary AuditPro is an advanced software as a service (SaaS) tool which was designed to save you time and effort. It allows you to automatically load a population of sample files or items to be audited. You can apply weightings to different factors in the review process that you wish to measure. Then you can automatically produce your analysis.

Even though developed specifically for the disability management industry, it can be applied to any business process requiring audit or assessment. AuditPro is completely customizable and may be used to audit any process or environment in any field.

AuditPro’s Flexible template and project set up enables intuitive configuration of data points, categories, weighting factors and multiple scoring options. Secure, role-based, multi-user access, real-time results & analytics and customized reporting highlight just a few integral features of Auditpro. This advanced tool is designed to save you time and effort!

Features Included with AuditPro

  • Comprehensive functionality to support file audits
  • Weighting of different elements of the audit process
  • Can customize to meet the needs of every type of audit, from insurance risk audits to quality review audits to safety program audits to Human Resources process reviews and more..
  • Duplication feature enables quick & easy modifications of existing templates
  • Reporting feature provides instantaneous real-time results
  • Fully bilingual
  • Mulit-User Access
  • Role based access to ensure security of data

Still operating from paper checklists or sharing spreadsheets to perform audits?

AuditPro can help automate and streamline your review process.